Tridonic 87500514 PC-2-18-T8-PRO Large temperature range Intelligent Voltage Guard


Tridonic 22185225 PC-2x18-T8-TOP-SL Nominal life-time up to 50,000h



Tridonic 22185216 PC-2X18-T8-PRO-LPTridonic 22185216 PC-2X18-T8-PRO-LP Spec Sheet

Highest possible energy class CELMA EEI = A2 BAT - Nominal life-time up to 100,000 h (at ta 50 °C with a failure rate ≤ 0.1 % per 1,000 h) - Large temperature range (for values see table) - Intelligent Voltage Guard (overvoltage indication and undervoltage shutdown) - Precise lamp operation using adjustment of lamp parameters - Advanced SMART-Heating for min. 50,000 starts without replacement of lamps - Constant luminous flux irrespective of fluctuations in mains voltage - Designed for THD < 10 % - For luminaires of protection class I and protection class II - Automatic start after replacement of defective lamps - Safety shutdown of defective lamps and at end of lamp life (EOL 2) - Insulation Displacement Connection (IDC) terminal for rapid automatic or manual wiring - For emergency lighting systems as per EN 50172

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